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 Players Housing

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PostSubject: Players Housing   Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:50 pm

So, houses are now available for players to purchase.
Here are the basic rules i will apply:

1-One house for each character unless i decide the opposite;
2-The locations for the houses for now are: WinterKeep, FrostKeep, Isle(city) of Madness, Wolfshire Town;
3-You will have to pay a rentail fee each month. 10% of the total cost in gp;
4-COST: 1 room cost 125k gp. Be sure you have the gold before asking for a house, else, that could get me mad; Evil or Very Mad
5-The "bathroom " is free of charge; affraid
6-For now, the locks won't be pickable but maybe in the futur, so, the owner key will be the only one opening the entry door;

7-Send me a PM on this forum (not an email) if you are interested with the details i need to know. Everything is open to negotiation, with a certain margin.



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Players Housing
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