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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:09 pm

RP{Roleplay} is strongly encouraged but not enforced.
  Respect other player's RP. If you do not like or agree with the RP of another player or group of players, then don't get involved.

Party chat is generally considered OOC{out of character}.If you are offended by party chat, drop the party or turn it off.
  Greet players who join your party with respect, please. It is not acceptable to be offensive "just because you  
  can".Language should be kept appropriate for public places when using talk and other characters are around. In character
  adult interactions are permitted as long as you take steps to ensure it is in a private area where it is reasonable to assume
  public traffic is not normal.

PvP only if both parties agree.
Do not logout with one character and login with another to get back at a  
  players character that had a beef with your other character.

Do not be rude or use foul language in your party chat unless you know everyone in that party will not
 be  offended. I place the burden of responsibility on the player to be certain no one is offended. It is easy enough to reform  
 your party so you can use  foul language and make jokes with those who know what to expect and do not mind it.

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Rules and Guidelines
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