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 Loot bags??? Why have them?

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Loot bags??? Why have them? Empty
PostSubject: Loot bags??? Why have them?   Loot bags??? Why have them? Icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 3:17 pm

Ok, why can't we do away with loot bags? Just have the item or gold drop on the ground? I assume that would have to be scripted but it would sure be better that selecting the bag fishing the loot out them closing the bag. Each monster doesn't have to always drop loot too. I was in the sewers and some rat dropped 100 gp!! How did that little bugger even walk with that in his belly?? Suspect

Might be better to have crates and chests with loot for areas like the sewers that have tiny monsters. An yeah the kobold that drops the +1 plate must have been pumping some serious iron to heft that load.
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Loot bags??? Why have them?
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