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 Strongarms Clan

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PostSubject: Strongarms Clan   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:16 pm

The proeminent members of that shield dwarve clan are:

-Molnek, Heir to the clan leadership, a books lover, highly skills in both military tactics and magical knowledge, his crafting skill is praise by his clan members.

-Lomnek, twin brother of Molnek, where his brother got brain, he got muscles. Trained as a battlerager, know no fears, some say he's too stupid for that... Once killed a small white dragon in his youth by simply charging it head first (with a pointy helmet) until it stopped moving...

-Rikus, cousin of Molnek and Lomnek, the protector of the clan, great skills at war and heavy drinker (even for a dwarf). Grand master in the scythe fighting style. Own the clan record for the most heads "harvested" at once again a goblinoids raid. Sometime offer his services as a mercenary.

-Karthak, brother of Rikus, priest of Moradin, the Soul Forger. Called the Undeath Slayer, highly respected for producing the best ale and spirit of the clan.
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Strongarms Clan
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