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PostSubject: Abdul El Matheri   Abdul El Matheri Icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 10:37 pm

-Little is know about Adbul life story either past or present even by the few individual that he dare to call "friends".
-The bits of stories that a few daring cities officials have been able to put together over the years is scarse.
-What is knowed tho is his connection to some kind of powerfull mage/guild?? and his contacts in almost every major towns underground network, the fact that he as hired himself as a spy on a few occasions, his abilities to disguise himself or to simply vanish from sight.
-He has been suspected of some spectacular thievery in well protected mansions/houses all over the Sword Coast.
-A reward as been offered for his capture by the Law Officials of Waterdeep.
-The last reliable informations put him in or near Luskan but he could have move on since then.
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Abdul El Matheri
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